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M.S. Program  
Robotics and Automation

NEW Master of Science in Robotics and Automation



The School of Engineering is proud to offer a new master's degree in Robotics and Automation, starting in fall 2021. The program is now accepting applications!


Robotics and the automation sciences relating to intelligent machines and smart systems is a burgeoning field that is fueling the economy, driving employment in Silicon Valley and beyond, and transforming the nature of work in a wide range of applications. We offer a multi-disciplinary master’s degree in Robotics and Automation, which balances deep technical expertise with practical application-oriented experience and with insight into the societal impacts, ethical challenges and entrepreneurial opportunities relevantto this field. A technical core ensures competence in the areas of design, controls and perception. Elective-based focus areas within the degree provide opportunities for students to build knowledge and expertise in application areas such as industrial internet-of-things and manufacturing, field robotics, etc. Furthermore, partnerships with local companies and agencies provide highly applicable project experiences, ensure a relevant curriculum, and contribute to a strong student recruitment pipeline. Finally, a novel co-curricular option certifies student competencies in modern skills and tools relevant to the robotics and automation industry.

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