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While based in California, California College is truly global.

Nearly 1,000 students take advantage of the opportunity that California College Online affords to earn their degree from within their home country. It’s no wonder that our graduating class typically represents more than 80 countries!


Additionally, our international partnership programs now bring professional development training programs and academic “micro-campus” experiences to countless students in the Caribbean and across the ocean.

Certificate-Based Professional Training Programs

California College’s faculty are recognized for the depth of their professional field experience, which brings our “real world” curriculum to life for students. It also gives us a unique opportunity to develop highly specialized, tailored workforce development programs for government-sponsored training academies eager to enhance the skills and knowledge of their workforce.


We also offer a range of hospitality and culinary arts certificate training programs through our School of Business and award-winning Culinary Institute of CA. Programming is designed to help residents of countries with strong travel and tourism economies prepare for entry-level positions at hotels, resorts, restaurants, and on cruise ships. Certificate programs are offered in five high-demand hospitality roles: Event Planning and Logistics, Front Office / Guest Services, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping, or Bartending. Additional training on professionalism, customer service, communication skills, teamwork, accountability, and leadership are incorporated into each track. 

Academic Collaboration Agreements

Coming to California to study is not feasible for all international students eager for a California College education, and studying wholly online with us is not for all students. Thanks to our new academic collaboration program, we can now bring the California College experience to them.


Today, there are students in India and Madagascar pursuing a California College  education through their primary higher ed institution. Talented students in Senegal, Pakistan and elsewhere will soon have that same opportunity. When they complete their degree requirements, their diploma and transcripts will proudly show them as a California College grad.


Through academic collaboration program, we partner with other colleges to provide joint study programs that leverage California College’s curriculum, course content, and learning management system. While we retain academic oversight, local faculty can be certified to lead the courses or California College’s faculty can do so virtually or even in a hybrid manner. It’s a wonderful way to help students seeking a U.S. education earn one without needing a passport or student visa.


Since 2022 we have partnered with SHANGHAI LIFELONG EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd (SLET)  to provide online education in China, including MBA, DBA, M.A of Psychology, and Doctor of Psychology, thus allowing Chinese students to get access to California College higher education.

To learn more, please contact:


Lisa Miller

International Project Manager 
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