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California College has helped make it happen for generations of students. We see the admissions process as the first step toward getting to know you and helping you achieve your goals.

High School Student

Our undergraduate options take you from high school graduate to career professional. You’ll have the freedom to pursue your interests while staying on target with your future plans. 

Online Student

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom and we know that flexibility is a must to accommodate your busy schedule. CAC Online allows you to customize learning with our full guidance and support.

Adult Learner

Rolling admissions, six starts each year, online and on-campus classes are designed to accommodate students looking to finish on a quick timetable.

International Student

Studying in a foreign country is exciting. California College offers a supportive environment to ensure your personal and academic success. You receive help as soon as you begin your application.

Graduate Student

When you’re ready to advance your career, California College’s graduate programs will give you the credentials you need in your chosen field or the educational experience to change professions.

To learn more, please contact:


Lora Jim

Dean of International Admissions
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