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M.S. Online Marketing

A Master’s Degree for Marketing Innovators
This online marketing master's degree program has been designed in the heart of Silicon Valley to help you grow into a visionary leader conversant in the burgeoning field of marketing technology, or “MarTech.” MarTech describes the applications, interfaces, and tracking technologies that leading-edge marketing organizations use to operate with agility and solve the impossible-seeming marketing problems that arise in the contemporary digital world. Coursework for the Online MS in Marketing emphasizes all aspects of MarTech, from analytics and customer behavior tracking to social media integration and digital content strategy.
Powerful digital marketing tools demand responsible leaders who will use them ethically, with respect for consumer protection and privacy.  we develop thought-provoking discussions of data collection, customer privacy, and other hot-button marketing issues with global impact today. Students will graduate from the Online Master's in Marketing instilled with the values and perspective necessary to lead the right way in Silicon Valley and beyond.
Leadership Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
Effective marketing leadership entails more than technical fluency, even in the current digital age. The Online MS in Marketing is designed to be your conduit to increasingly powerful marketing management roles, and it will prepare you to effectively navigate the key relationships and face the strategic challenges that define the field. You will master content strategy, brand management, interactions with various stakeholders, and more, and position yourself to lead decisively today and into the future.
Business Foundations Courses
  • Marketing Trends and Technology (2 units)
  • Ethics for Managers (2 units)
  • Marketing Core Courses
  • Marketing Is Everything (4 units)
  • Analysis of Customers and Markets (4 units)
  • Marketing Analytics (4 units)
  • Foundations of MarTech (2 units)
  • Digital Advertising (2 units)
  • Marketing Electives
  • Brand Management (2 units)
  • Product Innovation (2 units)
  • Sales Management (2 units)
  • Programmatic Advertising (2 units)
  • Fundamentals of B2B Account-Based Marketing (2 units)
  • Social Media Marketing (2 units)
  • E-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities (2 units)
  • Tech Marketing: Winning Strategies for Effective Messaging (2 units)
  • Channel Marketing (2 units)
  • MarTech Integrations and Challenges (2 units)
  • Distribution Channels (2 units)
  • Digital Advertising (2 units)
  • Marketing Analytics II (2 units)
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