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Doctor of Education in Social Leadership

Doctor of Education in Social Leadership
Our vision imagines a region and world in which everyone has access to an inspiring education and the psychological tools and support to propel them toward flourishing lives of meaning, purpose and connection.  Our education is characterized by Strong Values, Social Justice, Transformative, Dverse Community.
The mission of the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Social Leadership program is to educate and prepare leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. Our EdD graduates will be leaders who work across a broad spectrum of fields, from schools to universities and nonprofit entities whose focus is to promote the common good as they transform lives, schools, organizations, and communities.
We prepare leaders by cultivating the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to lead complex organizations. 
The EdD in Social Leadership equips graduates with the 21st-century knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to lead complex organizations with the goal of  building a more humane, just, and sustainable world.
Higher Education Leadership 
Focus is on issues and complexities related to higher education, with particular attention to building and sustaining effective colleges and universities.
PreK-12 Leadership
Focus is on the specific issues and complexities related to PreK-12 schools.
Social Impact Leadership 
Focus is on the specific issues and complexities related to the communities served by social impact or community-based organizations. 
  • 3 year program
  • Starts in Fall quarter only
  • 45 units
  • Applicants should already possess a M.A.
  • CPSY 380 - Positive Psychology and Health
  • CPSY 381 - Health Psychology: Theory and Practice
  • CPSY 385 - Stress and Stress Management
  • CPSY 388 - Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice
  • CPSY 389 - Advanced Group Counseling
  • CPSY 391 - Hypnotic Techniques in Counseling and Therapy
  • CPSY 399 - Thesis
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